Counseling and Advising Unit (CAAC)   عربی

The Counseling and advising Unit is concerned with providing advice to students in social, psychological, and educational matters. It is an optional service available to whoever desires it


Excellence in providing advising and counseling services to students


Achieving social support and psychological stability, which is reflected in student's academic performance


The unit seeks to achieve ambitions of the university to graduate generations of mature youth with faith, scientific knowledge and self-confidence, who are able to participate constructively in the development plans of the Kingdom through the following:

  • Preparing newly admitted students for university life
  • Providing specialized social and psychological counseling and assistance
  • Strengthening students' abilities to overcome difficulties
  • Follow-up with low-achieving students by studying the underlying causes and providing care until recovery
  • Studying the impact of some nagative phenomena and behaviors on students and searching for appropriate solutions.

Student privacy

The Counseling and advising Unit is keen to take into account the following when meeting students and studying their cases:

Information disclosure
The student has the right to provide the counselor with whatever personal or family information he desires that may help in understanding the problem.

All information the student discloses to the counselor remains confidential and no one else has the right to know it without the student's consent.
Contact us through:

Working hours: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM (lunch break between 12:00 - 1:00)

Dr. Aly Aly Moftah
Associate Professor, Psychology

Tel: 860 1167

office: 68/147

Dr. Hisham Osman Khogali
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Tel: 860 2704

office: 68/153

Mr. Makled Shaher- Hamdan Al Otiby
Social Specialist

Tel: 860 4130

office: 68/145

Mr. Ali Abdurahman Ali Al-Shehri
Director, Counselling and Advising Center

Tel: 860 7339

office: 68/146

Mr. Ahmed M. Alfuraiji
Social Specialist

Tel: 860 7370

office: 68/151

Mr. Hussain Abdullah Ali Al-Yaseen

Tel: 860 1414

office: 68/172

Mr. Fahad Bin Jomaah Aysh Al-Dowaihi
Administrative Assistant

Tel: 860 1454

office: 68/152