Undergraduate Research Office (URO)

URO was established to enhance undergraduate students’ involvement in research.

Main Tasks and Activities:

  • Train on research skills for undergraduate students
  • Train on mentoring undergraduate researchers for faculty
  • Support undergraduate students to participate in national, regional, and international scientific events (conferences, symposia, competitions, professional meetings, ……etc.) to publicize their achievements in the field of research, and share and exchange innovative ideas
  • Construct a database of undergraduate students willing to participate in scientific research
  • Construct a database of faculty members who are willing to supervise and mentor undergraduate researchers
  • Develop undergraduate research programs
  • Avail summer training as a research internship with leading universities
  • Involvement of undergraduate students in research projects (e.g. Uxplore & SURE)

Contact Us

Dr. Abdulmajeed Hendi

Building 68 - Room 112

Tel: +966 13 860 2636

Email: ahendi@kfupm.edu.sa
  Guidelines for Undergraduate Research Grant
  Guidelines for Undergraduate Research Grant