Peer Tutoring Program - (231)

Welcome to the Peer Tutoring Program (PTP), where students help other students achieve academic success. This Program is intended for all undergraduate students of KFUPM who have a specific need for a course for free.

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The mission of the Peer Tutoring Program is to help students reach their academic potential by encouraging academic and individual development, enhancing their learning experience, and improving their academic performance. 


The objectives of PTP are to:

  1. Guide students at KFUPM to improve their academic performance
  2. Encourage personal and academic development 
  3. Improve communication skills for tutors
Eligibility Criteria to be a Tutor

To be eligible for the Peer Tutoring Program, undergraduate students must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. ِActive student at KFUPM
  2. CGPA must be more than 3.25/4
  3. Earn an A+, A, or B+ as a final grade in course(s) that you plan to tutor
  4. Have good organizational and time management skills
  5. Be able to balance academics and work
  6. Have great communication skills

It is very important for the students to realize that PTP is a competitive program; hence, meeting the above eligibility criteria does not guarantee them to join the program. All applications will be evaluated and decisions will be made based on evaluations and the availability of necessary resources.