Nomination Deadline: Sunday, 14 May 2023 11:59 PM

The President’s Award was launched in the first semester of the academic year 2022-2023 and is awarded anually to the most distinguished undergraduate student in one of five tracks.

  • The medal is awarded to only one student in each track (may be shared in the academic track ONLY if more than one student are equal)
  • A student can win a President Medal only once in each track during his college career

General eligibility criteria for award tracks

  • The student must be undergraduate (Freshman and above).
  • The student must be in the green zone.
  • In addition, each track has its own criteria.

Academic Achievement Track

- No application submission is required. The selection is based on students' data in the Registrar's Banner.

- Every regular semester, a student with the highest Quality Points (from each college) wins the award. 

Weighting Criteria

In the case of equality, the selection will be based on the following, in order:

  1. The largest number of credit hours registered in the semester
  2. The largest number of total credit hours completed
  3. The highest cumulitave GPA (CGPA)
  4. If equal, the medal is shared between more than one student

Scientific research & Innovation Track

Application Criteria

  • Publishing of journal articles (quantity and quality)
  • Participating in conferences
  • Receiving patents

Weighting Criteria

Participation in one or more of the following programs:

  • SURE, Uxplore, an undergraduate research course
  • Research experience sharing sessions (as a speaker)
  • Short course on research skills organized by the URO
  • Other on or off-campus research programs (a letter from the advisor is required)

Students' Activities Track

Application Criteria

  • The student must have made a significant contribution to student activities through student clubs, voluntary work, religious guidance committee, ... etc.

Weighting Criteria

  • Distinguished leadership (president or vice-president of a club, voluntary team leader... etc)
  • Impact of the student’s activities on KFUPM students          

Entrepreneurship & Small Enterprises Track

Application Criteria

The student must have managed to create a new start-up company, developed a pathway for an existing startup, or made significant progress towards creating a startup company.

Weighting Criteria

  • Completing one of the entrepreneurial emerging programs at the Entrepreneurship Institute
  • Having a project through incubation or have one currently going through incubation
  • Experiencing the “Business Idea Stage” (ideation, business model, prototyping, in the market, making sales)

Distinguished Achievements Track

Application Criteria

  • Winning local, regional, or international competitions
  • Contributing to university community service (e.g. assisting newly-enrolled students, providing academic assistance to students through peer assistance or tutoring programs, or participating in other services recognized by the university)
  • Contributing to community service in general
  • Leading distinguished initiative

Weighting Criteria

  • Class and value of the competition
  • Impact of the service/initiative on KFUPM students and community