Peer Advising and Mentoring

Contact information:      Tel: 013 860 2307


Peer advising and mentoring is a new approach implemented in 2023 to help the newly admitted prep-year students during the orientation week and the first semester of the preparation year. Peer advising enhances the practice of overall academic advising and demonstrates that addressing student needs is a KFUPM priority. 

Definition of the peer advisor

A student who has been selected and trained to offer advising services to his/her peers. Services provided by peer advisors are to assist in the adjustment of the newly admitted students and help them navigate their way during the preparation year.

Need for Peer Advising

  • Need to maintain quality advising services
  • Faculty advisors are not always available
  • Basic questions need to be handled quickly and efficiently

Benefits of Being a Peer Advisor

  • Enhance leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Become actively engaged in the college environment
  • Contribute to the intellectual and personal growth of students
  • Build resume and reference options (certificate of participation and letter of recommendation)
  • Obtain financial compensation according to the financial rules

Peer Advisor Responsibilities

  • Participate in large-room/virtual advising presentations at new student orientations
  • Help new students transition to the university
  • Respond to student daily queries (face-to-face, phone calls, WhatsApp, email, and/or any other communication tool)
  • Make appropriate referrals to campus resources (policies, procedures, guidelines, platforms, units … etc.)
  • Provide advising based on their experiences as students at KFUPM
  • Serve as role models for successful students
  • Teach and reinforce student skills for success (i.e. time management, study skills, etc.)

Limitations of Peer Advisors

Peer advisors

  • are not professional advisors
  • shouldn’t feel that they are counselors
  • should advise, not tell advisees what they should or should not do
  • need to refer, refer, and refer as needed

Peer Advisor Training

like any advisor training, focus on:

  1. Informational components (programs, policies, procedures, club activities, and other resources)
  2. Conceptual components (definition and role of advising, advisor and advisee expectations, etc.)
  3. Relational components (communication skills, referral skills, rapport building, etc.)

Application for Peer Advisor Position

The opportunities are offered in each summer term. 14 – 16 students are selected. Selected students are assigned a part-time job during the first term.

Application Criteria for Peer Advisor Position

  • Sophomore level
  • CGPA above 3 or above
  • Not a Skip Prep student (enrolled in one ENGL module and Prep-Math course at least)
  • Well-engaged in campus programs and activities
  • Not taking another part-time job during the same term
  • Pass the in-person interview