Undergraduate Student Research Grant (UXplore - 232)

The mission of the Undergraduate Student Research Grant (Uxplore) is to promote undergraduate research and scholarly achievements.


The objectives of Uxplore are to:

  1. Enrich students’ research skills and experience
  2. Attract students to graduate education
  3. Provide effective career preparation
  4. Develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, intellectual independence, and leadership skills
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Uxplore, an undergraduate student must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Should be an active full-time undergraduate student - any major
  2. Should be in good academic standing
  3. Endorsement of the research supervisor

Applicants should submit the following documents to the Undergraduate Research Office (URO):

  1. A recent copy of the transcript
  2. Statement of Research Interest
  3. CV (Optional)
  4. Online application
Duration and venue
  1. Student winning Uxplore will be supported for conducting research under his KFUPM advisor’s mentorship for one semester (Fall or Spring)
  2. Extension (with no additional cost) for one more semester may be granted based on the decision made by the URC
Accomplishments & Assessment
  • The student should submit the following to the URO:
  1. Mid-term progress report
  2. Research findings in a paper format at the end of the grant
  • The student should participate in KFUPM Students Forum

Publication (conference or journal) is encouraged and will be recognized.

Incentives for Students
  1. 1000 SAR monthly stipend
  2. Certificate of grant completion
  3. Included in the student’s non-academic transcript
  4. Priority in conference participation

Registration Deadline:   Sunday 28,  2024 -4:00 PM

Contact Us

Dr. Abdulmajeed Hendi

Building 68 - Room 112

Tel: +966 13 860 2636

Email: ahendi@kfupm.edu.sa